Saturday, June 18, 2011

Human Rights for kids

June 18, marks the day the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted its International Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Rights is something I think children, with their unwavering need to keep things fair, understand intuitively.   There are some great books for kids about Human Rights.
We Are All Born Free: The Universal Declaration of  Human Rights in Pictures. Published by Amnesty International, this is a beautifully illustrated book with 30 different artists and illustrators each contributing to bring all the declarations to life.

Every Human Has Rights: What You Need to Know About Your Human Rights is published by National Geographic. Like We Are All Born Free each declaration is represented visually, this time with stunning  photographs. In addition, commentary by other kids illustrates just how important human rights are to all of us.

For teens, Amnesty International has a Youth page with information about becoming involved in Human Rights issues, curriculum plans for teachers including discussion guides to relevant films and books.

United Nations for Kids video
Compasito an excellent hands on experiential curriculum for teaching all children about human rights.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Culture Parenting Magazine

I stumbled across ths excellent resource for parents raising multicultural or multiracial famlies, those travelling or living abroad or those just wanting to include a global perspecting in the parenting. Regular sections of the online magazine delve into culture, language, tradition, religion, global celebrations, travel, books, even recipes.