Friday, October 29, 2010

Bits of blankets, lots of love

One of the many things my children and their friends teach me is that there is no problem so big that a little time and attention, love and friendship can't make better.

This week we gathered with our Difference Maker's group to needle felt some happy pictures on wool squares which will be sent to the Knit a Square Foundation to be made into blankets for AIDS orphans in Africa. Knowing the blankets would be going to children, our kids decorated them with happy faces, hearts, peace signs and polkadots. The kids decorated enough squares to make at least one blanket, but we hope that these specially decorated squares will be spread out among many blankets so that our kids can reach out and touch many children.

Some resources for talking about this issue with children:
Braids by Robert Munch and Taya Kendall (read the story of how this book came to be here.)
Simon's Story by Glynis Clacherty
Our stories, our songs : African children talk about AIDS by Deborah Ellis,

For older children and teens
The heaven shop by Deborah Ellis, 
Ana's story : a journey of hope by Jenna Bush, 
AIDS & HIV : the facts for kids by Rae Simons,

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