Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dolls for Haiti

If you are a crafter and want some way to send a bit of homemade love to children in Haiti, then this may be the organization for you.

Through the Abundant Ground Foundation is a wonderful organization that has an orphanage in Haiti housing 181 children between the ages of birth to 12. They also provide food and necessary items to displaced families through their Abundant Ground in Haiti program.  They would love to be able to give Dolly Donation Dollies top all of their orphans and will ship them to Haiti on the 14 March 2010.

They need 103 Girl Dollies and 78 Boy Dollies.  If the organizers exceed the target, the dolls will be distributed to other Haitian orphanages and organizations so that they get into the hands of the children who need our love.

The blog, linked above, has patterns, tutorials, FAQs and the mailing address for the donations.

I have been thinking about the children of Haiti every day, wishing there was some tangible way to send our love.  I'm so glad to have found one way.

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