Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Power of Generosity

I've been reading the Power Of Generosity by Dave Toycen and came across this quote:

Children have an uncanny way of connecting their thoughts with their actions. For them, if you really mean it, you will do something about it. As adults, we sometimes fail to act because we see all the complexities. It's not uncommon for our knowledge to paralyze our expression of compassion... Connecting even the deepest of our motivations with a tangible expression brings integrity to what we feel A simple generous act frequently cuts right to the heart of the matter.

I am often amazed at the generousity of children around me, of their ability to give in a way that is truly free and based on meeting an immediate need. Before reading this quote I hadn't considered why it seemed harder for adults to trust that first instinct to give and yet it makes perfect sense. In talking to my kids about issues they distill it down to the core very quickly. Someone needs something we have to give and so we give it. Someone needs help and so we help. Something needs to be done and so we do it. (why doesn't that apply to cleaning their rooms?).  They are clear that we do these things simply because we can. My own thinking gets murky with thoughts of intention, logistics, conservation of our own resources, and my good intentions are often hobbled by it.  I learn so much from my kids.

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gardening gal said...

Wonderful blog Karen- what a beautiful journey to join you on!

it is truly amazing the lessons our children teach us.